RV Book Hymn Verse Description Topic
6 20   Indra kills Dhuni, Chumuri.  Conflict with natives
4 30   Indra kills Kulitara's son Shambara on lofty mountains. He crushed 100,000 Varcins, like the felly (pradhi) of the wheel of a chariot Conflict with Munda natives
4 30   Arna, Citraratha, both Arya people killed by Indra on the other side of Sarayu Conflict among Aryan peoples
4 19   Indra breaks the mountains and the frees the obstructed rivers. The rivers run like  mothers running towards their children. [It's similar to killing Vala and releasing the cow &  of breaking the dams (of the Indus people ??) and releasing the river] Vala Myth
2 14   Indra subdues Kutsa, Atithigva & Ayu [Not all non-Aryan Kings] Conflict among Aryan peoples
2 12   Shambara (Munda) is discovered on the 40th autumn in his mountain hideouts. [Implicates fightings in mountains, most likely the Hindukush] Conflict with Munda natives
2 14   Indra destroys Shambara's 100 ancient or distant (purvi) castles (pura) with his thunderbold (ashman) Conflict with Munda natives
2 14   Indra killed Dhribhika, Urana, Arbuda, Shushna, Pipru, Namuci, Rudhikra. [Pipru may be IA, but the rest names seem to be non-IA] Conflict with natives
3 53   Kushika (probably Munda) among Aryan offerers Natives treated as elites
3 53   What is the use of cattle in Kikata? They don't pour ashira (mixture of milk and soma), they don't heat vessels (gharma) for preparing soma. Let Indra bring the wealth of Pramaganda, King of Kikata. [Kikata and Pramaganda both Munda names] Conflict with Munda natives
8 46 32 Dasa Balbutha and Taruksha (Munda) have made a gift of 100 camels to the sage. [Implies Dasas and Munda peoples are not always enemies - point to amalgamation of various peoples] Dasa treated as elite
6 12 9 Like rays of Sun Indra consumes Arshasana (Iranian Ersan) Conflict with Iranian tribes
8 32 2 The strong (ugra) Indra kills the Dasas Sribinda (Munda), Anarshani (Iranian Ersan), Pipru (Aryan name), Ahishuva and set free the waters. [Iranian, Munda and Aryan peoples seen as enemies] Conflict with Iranian tribes
8 5 37 Kashu (Avestan Kasu) gives 100 camels (ushtra) and 10000 cows to the priest Iranian peoples treated as elites
8 6 46 Parshu (Persian Parsa) & Tirindira (Tiridates) give 100000 gifts Iranian peoples treated as elites
1 112   Ashvini helped Karkandhu, Shryata, Vishpala. [All Munda names] Aryan - non Aryan amalgamation
1 53 8 Indra kills Parnaya, Karanja [Both para Munda names] Conflict with Munda natives